New Construction in Kalamazoo, MI

When constructing a new home, the focus is often on choosing a quality builder. And one way to identify a quality builder is by the quality of the subcontractors they choose. PMV Custom Finishes has established relationships with several of the Kalamazoo area’s finest builders who know they can count on us to deliver a beautiful finish for their newly constructed home. We pride ourselves on working with builders and home owners to keep projects on schedule. Homeowners often feel like the house truly begins to look like a home when they see the color go up on the walls and trim, and we love to be able to help that happen.

  • Bishop Construction 269-207-2788
  • Blok Builders 269-375-8268
  • Chipman Construction 269-207-4206
  • David Roberts Builders, Inc. 269-375-5094
  • Glas Associates 269-353-7737
  • Hickory Builders 269-629-1200
  • Hoogstraten Builders 269-375-5623
  • Hoeksema Builders 269-217-2934
  • Modderman Builders 269-353-5736
  • Osborne Construction 269-998-3539
  • Paragon Custom Homes 269-207-1137
  • Paramount Building Group 269-744-2637
  • Randy VanDyke Building & Remodeling 269-626-0040
  • Roberts Development Group 269-226-3290
  • VanHorn Builders 269-628-4337
  • Visser Construction 269-552-9090
  • W.J. Dykhuis Builders 269-207-3487

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