Residential Painting in Portage & Kalamazoo, MI

Your Home, Your Sanctuary

At PMV Custom Finishes we understand that your home is the heart of your family, a place to gather with loved ones. We want the backdrop for your memories included a beautiful paint finish you can be proud to show your family and friends. PMV Custom Finishes is not just another painting contractor. We are a top quality, established company with an established track record of customer satisfaction. When you choose PMV, you’ll see the difference in the extra steps we take in preparation, our pride of workmanship, and the care we take to keep your home clean.

Success Requires Proper Planning

Any painting project begins with a vision. From the time we first take a look at the project with you to put together a bid we will be there to help you make your vision a reality. We can assist with custom color selection, suggest the best product for your budget and project, and schedule the work to be completed at a time that works for you. Our full time staff includes an office manager and project manager, both of whom will be available to assist you and provide attentive customer service. And when the crew arrives on site, you can rest assured that they have been thoroughly trained in our successful painting procedures.

Steps for Successful Interior Painting

  1. All furniture is moved and covered as needed to guarantee its protection.
  2. All floors are protected during work with canvas drop cloths.
  3. All employees wear booties to keep our customers’ rugs and floors clean.
  4. 500 watt lights are directed on all painted areas to locate holes, dings, bad seams, etc. Once found, they are patched, sanded, and primed prior to application of top coats. This assures uniform and smooth appearance of the finished product.
  5. All surfaces will be caulked as needed for uniform appearance and are painted with two coats (unless otherwise specified in proposal) of top quality paint to ensure longevity of paint film.
  6. All surfaces will be sanded prior to painting and in between coats.
  7. All floors are vacuumed/swept daily.
  8. The customer will review the “Foreman Walk-Through Checklist.”
  9. The customer will receive an evaluation survey so that we can continue to develop and improve our services.

Steps for Successful Exterior Painting

  • All flowerbeds, shrubs, walkways, and driveways are covered while home is prepared and painted.
  • All loose paint is scraped from surfaces. All bare areas will be sanded to promote adhesion of primer and to ensure uniform appearance of the topcoat. (Note: Ridges caused by peeling paint will not be completely sanded smooth unless specifically outlined in proposal.)
  • All bare wood is primed with Alkyd (oil) based exterior primer/sealer.
  • All exposed metal is primed with appropriate primer to ensure adhesion of topcoat.
  • All areas are caulked to minimize moisture transfer into surfaces.
  • All surfaces receive two coats top quality acrylic paint (unless otherwise specified in proposal).
  • All surfaces to be painted are cleaned by pressure washer or hand cleaning to remove mildew, dirt, and chalk from paint and other debris from surfaces.
  • All paint chips are removed from customer’s yard, flowerbeds, etc.
  • Customer will review the “Foreman Walk-Through Checklist.”
  • Customer will receive an evaluation survey so that we can continue to develop and improve our services.



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